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Service for medical operators CLINICS

Service for medical operators CLINICS

Hospitals are increasingly called upon to expand their business fields in order to meet the high legal requirements in the future and to ensure the best possible care for every patient.

In the process, clinics repeatedly come up against the situation that many of the very painful sufferings of their patients could be avoided by good precaution and prevention.

Unfortunately, people usually only do something for their health if there is a pressure of suffering.

Companies create the best preconditions for a professional, bundled health maintenance programme for employees, as it can be offered by a cooperation of clinic/ipexhealth.

Large companies usually already have very expensive health programmes of their employees. Here, too, the care centre could provide guidance to large companies with modules of their own concept.

DIGITAL FAMILY DOCTOR’S office of the future

In politics, new concepts are discussed to the health system almost daily, so for example the citizens’ insurance.

The family doctor’s office of the future is facing a necessary renewal. Care should no longer be symptomatic, but ways must be opened so that physicians can dedicate themselves to their patients and clients directly and substantially more intensively, if necessary.

This requires a new doctor’s surgery:

  1. no bureaucratic elaborate works
  2. low-threshold medical care by a better trained staff
  3. no paper-keeping of patients’ records
  4. objective classification of patients into mild, moderate, severe care
  5. no waiting times, no waiting room
  6. optimal use of space
  7. Expansion of business fields


Ipexhealth introduces the digital doctor’s office of the future


The benefits for hospitals, care centres and clinics:


  1. Business expansion for workplace health promotion,
  2. Carrying out the basic occupational insurance study programs and the supervision in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises and the civil service.
  3. Medical staff, especially nurses, can be trained as a prevention or patient coach and work through job rotation in the new business field of prevention.
  4. Hospitals and clinics have a new image in their public image.
  5. Furthermore, there is a great potential for reducing costs by redistributing customers/patients.

The benefit for the family doctor’s surgery of the future


  1. Possibility of business expansion for workplace health promotion
  2. Carrying out occupational cooperative basic examination programsfor small and medium-sized companies
  3. Medical personnel, in particular nursing staff, can be trained to become a prevention or patient coach in order to take over low-level medical care tasks for patients and customers
  4. Abolition of medical bureaucracy and return to intensive medical care
  5. Processes in the doctor’s office can be optimised by using digital systems of ipexhealth.
  6. Abolition of waiting times through the digital appointment management of ipexhealth


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