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The beginning for more life energy and higher quality of life

Employees & Customers

My name is “Anna”. I will accompany you through your check-up. Take your place in the ergonomically shaped seat of the Preventiometer. An acoustically optimised hemispheric screen made of high-quality carbon fibre composite material gives you the feeling of safety and security. Experience a friendly and private atmosphere. The medical prevention coach at your side will connect with you. You will be cared for individually on your journey through your health.

Strengthen your motivation to reach your health goals. Track your personal goal achievement and maintain your health. Let yourself be surprised by your new energy.

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Patients and pensioners

experience a new kind of medical care with the ipexhealth KIOSK.
Instead of long waiting times and many channels, they get their health status in no time. After a thorough examination, a medical consultation and therapy suggestion follow. You are always in contact with the help of the patient coach and the telemedicine.


Your personal benefit in the Preventiometer with KIOSK

  • No long waiting times
  • Comprehensive check-up, which recognises many risks of our common diseases
  • Several doctor visits are replaced by a visit to the Preventiometer
  • Fears of a check-up dissolve
  • Your check-up is fun and informs you about the functions of your body
  • Your results are clear and understandable and allow you a doctor’s consultation at eye level
  • The check-up in the Preventiometer is efficient, fast, extensive and cost-effective
  • You can be supported by a prevention coach with your health goals, via tele-medicine.

Your personal benefit with the KIOSK

  • Low waiting times
  • Fast and extensive examination
  • Your essential blood tests are done on-site, you do not have to come a second time
  • Many more examinations can be covered by your family doctor
  • Your doctor focuses on the essentials
  • You can be pleasantly accompanied during your therapy by a patient coach via telemedicine.


Financing your health promotion via:

  • Your employer
  • Your health insurance
  • the professional association
  • Private
  • Bonus programmes

Financing your supply via:

  • the statutory health insurance
  • the private health insurance
  • the pension insurance
  • Private