Safeguarding the health of a company’s employees today means approaching from three different angles, sometimes overlapping, with a high financial outlay and often very ineffective.

  1. Employers try to keep their employees productive through more or less meaningful measures of occupational health promotion WHP/CHM in times of demographic change.
  2. The statutory provision for occupational medical care (ArbMedVV) obliges employers to offer occupational health check-ups to employees as desired, offered or compulsory examinations.
  3. The health insurance companies are legally obliged to support preventive measures in accordance with SLHP social law for health.
  4. The professional associations ask the company to carry out health measures.

In cooperation with clinics, these measures for small and medium-sized companies are meaningfully bundled into a health promotion programme in the ipexhealth care centre.

In terms of scope and quality, we offer a service in the care centre that no family doctor can provide as covered by health insurance and no company doctor can provide as a classic occupational medicine:


Procedure of service CARE CENTRE BG/WHP/CHM/Occupational Safety

  1. Welcome by the prevention coach.
  2. Accompaniment for change and instruction in the first check-up station Life Station
  3. Customer scans his NO-ID QR code and operates the Life Station touchscreen monitor.
  4. The customer walks into the next room and takes a seat in the Preventiometer. A medical professional sits alongside the customer. The necessary data of the Life Station is transferred to the Preventiometer by re-entering the NO-ID QR Code only for the duration of the check-up.
  5. The check-up part 2 starts interactively with “Anna”, the virtual Preventiometer Assistant. The client follows Anna’s spoken and shown instructions with the assistance of a healthcare professional. The individual tests follow one after the other.
  6. The customer goes to the prevention coach and receives his first face-to-face coaching followed by scheduling for a TELE medical consultation. Prevention coaching is conducted with the help of the 5 pillars of identity.
  7. This is followed by the medical consultation on the appointment agreed in the initial interview. The doctor discusses the results of his individual check-up with the client and makes recommendations, which he then notes on a medical referral certificate and signs. The doctor issues a certificate to the employer that the customer / employee has attended the check-up. If there is an acute risk in the results, the doctor recommends that you immediately consult a specialist or go to the specialist via your family doctor.
  8. For sustainability, 5 more online prevention coaching will be conducted. The customer receives a reminder to talk one day before by SMS. The online coaching takes place as an audio or video conversation. (PC or Smartphone)
  9. Re-Check as per agreement.


  • Image formation of the company
  • Lowering sickness rates and avoiding presenteeism
  • Occupational safety and health examinations, whether mandatory or on offer, can be positive for your own company health care offer without additional costs
  • Employees can work much more efficiently with their strength reinforced
  • Employees are better connected to their company
  • Healthy professionals reduce skills shortages
  • Employees choose their company in today’s tight personnel market
  • In a healthy company, employees work better in a team with increasing efficiency


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