Life Station

The Life Station is a small treatment unit, which is connected upstream to the KIOSK and can be run by the customer, employees, and patients completely independently after brief instruction. The Life Station consists of the following functions:


  1. NO-ID QR Code Scanner
  2. IMS ipex Management Software, a MDDS system (Medical Device Data System) FDA/CE
  3. Anamnesis questions about age and gender
  4. Anamnesis questions on thyroid gland function
  5. Anamnesis questions on personal condition
  6. Anamnesis questions on the Procam score
  7. Landolt ring FrAct eye test to check the eyesight (VISUS) (Wellness algorithm)
  8. Landolt ring FrAct eye test to check the light/dark vision (VISUS) (Wellness algorithm)
  9. Auto refractometer for checking the corneal curvature of the eye and assessing the short and long sightedness FDA/CE
  10. Foot pressure measurement plate for checking the skeleton and posture FDA/CE
  11. Body scale for measuring body weight FDA/CE
  12. STATICO for checking spinal curvature FDA/CE
  13. STATICO for measuring body size and body circumference FDA/CE
  14. BMI (body mass index) algorithm of body weight and height (Wellness algorithm)
  15. WtHR (Waist-to-Height Ratio) algorithm for assessing body obesity (Wellness algorithm)

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