KIOSK (medical platform)

Digital networking solution connecting medical devices to an integrated system. The KIOSK is a professional treatment unit consisting of various medical devices such as:

  1. NO-ID QR Code Scanner
  2. IMS ipex Management Software, a MDDS system (Medical Device Data System) FDA/CE
  3. Audiometer to check the hearing FDA/CE
  4. Sphygmomanometer for checking the blood pressure FDA/CE
  5. Thermometer for checking the body temperature
  6. Light fat analyser for checking the body fat content FDA/CE
  7. Oximeter to check blood oxygen saturation and pulse FDA/CE
  8. Ultrasound machine for checking the Intermedia carotid and the volume of the thyroid gland FDA/CE
  9. Blood analyser for the small blood picture FDA/CE
  10. Blood analyser for cholesterol levels, liver function tests and long-term blood glucose (HbA1c) CE
  11. Spirometer to check the lung function FDA/CE
  12. Vein test device for checking the blood flow in the leg veins CE
  13. Resting ECG to check heart function FDA/CE
  14. Stress ECG to check cardiac output FDA/CE
  15. HRV for checking the nervous system (stress analysis) (Wellness algorithm)
  16. Procam score, an algorithm for checking cardiovascular risk (Wellness algorithm)
  17. Ultrasound bone density to check bone density FDA/CE
  18. Body composition algorithm over the distribution of water, fat and muscle mass (Wellness algorithm)

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