The cockpit is an electronic display and consists of the following functions:

  1. Tele function (Audio and Video)
  2. Appointment function for appointment assignment and appointment monitoring
  3. SMS appointment management: Appointment sustainability, appointment changes, appointment confirmation
  4. Notes window for doctor, coach, customer, employee, patient
  5. Coaching Cockpit: Display of the five pillars of identity
    • Health status
    • Values such as security, freedom, independence
    • Money, personal material situation
    • Work, Job, Feeling for work
    • Social relationships with the family, with a partner, with friends, with colleagues or with other people
  1. Check-up Cockpit: Risk assessment of common diseases (1-10): 1 = small risk, 10 = high risk
    • Back (spinal analysis, spinal curvature)
    • Skeleton (posture analysis, front and back offset, left and right offset)
    • Cardiovascular (ECG, Procam Score, Stress ECG, IMT Carotid)
    • High blood pressure (blood pressure, BMI, WTH, blood levels inflammation)
    • Diabetes (HbA1c long-term blood glucose level, BMI, WtHR, fat content)
    • Hearing power (hearing left and right ear, 5 frequencies each)
    • Eyesight (VISUS, wide visions and long vision, corneal curvature)
    • Stress (HRV, Cortisol)
    • Metabolism, obesity (BMI, WtHR, body composition)
  2. Coaching process: Presentation of the coaching process with the 5 pillars of identity over a period of time.
  3. Prevention App
    • Yoga as MP4
    • Autogenic training as MP3
    • Meditation as MP3
    • Instant Breathing as MP3
    • PMR (Progressive muscle relaxation) as MP4
  4. Network prevention by postal code
  5. Risk evolution: Presentation of changes over time from check-up to check-up
    • Presentation of the results from the check-up
    • Printout of the check-up results

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